Groups vs. Campaigns vs. Rewards Programs

SMS text marketing continues to be an increasingly powerful tool to boost your business. Here are a few tips on how to ensure you’re armed with the most powerful tools at Engage to help your business stand out. The different tiers of our Service level packages cater to varying types of businesses at multiple levels of marketing readiness.

Services Starter
Services Advanced
Services Professional
Retail Professional

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Group Messaging
Message Receipt Tracking
User Click Tracking
Up to 10 Simultaneous Campaigns
Group Trackable Coupons
Individual Trackable Coupons
Robust Analytics & Geo-targeting

Our Services Starter package allows you to utilize the Group Messaging feature, which is best for highlighting a blanket coupon or discount for all of your customers or optionally a specific group.

Summer Special Savings Event! Save 20% off of your order of $100 or more.

The Services Advanced package comes with an enhanced marketing feature: the Campaigner. Allowing for specific and targeted marketing blasts throughout various times of the year, the Campaigner leverages the use of strategic logic about your customers. It will identify trends such as purchase frequency, length of relationship, and types of purchases.  The Campaigner optimizes viral lead capturing potential for instances where coupon sharing is actually encouraged.

Well done Mary, you’ve gained access to our Friends and Family discount of 35% off! Use coupon 35OFF to claim your reward on all clearance merchandise.

Services Professional with Rewards/Loyalty  Program Management allows you to send marketing messages targeting specific repeat customers and incentivize impulse purchasing based upon their history. Once ready, you can create an A/B testing campaign from two different messages sent to different targeted groups to see which performs better.

Attention: VIP customers, congratulations on achieving GOLD status. Use your personal discount code X5fg04 to save 50% on your next purchase!

Engage awards you the freedom to market your business to its fullest potential with whichever method that works best for you.

Let us know if you have questions on how to get started today!





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